Late Shri Jaideo Prasad Hawelia
Ashok Kr. Hawelia
Mr. Ashok Kr. Hawelia
Kamlesh Kr. Hawelia
Mr. Kamlesh Kr. Hawelia

  All India Road Transport Agency (AIRTA)
was established by Late Shri Jaideo Prasad Hawelia in 1976 with   one objective to promote transportation industry in India,having own branches, associates covering major cities   and towns of the country.

  Mr. Ashok Kr. Hawelia and Mr.Kamlesh Kr. Hawelia are the partners of the company . AIRTA owns well trained   personnel ,equipped offices, godowns, handling equipments, warehouses, all types of trucks, trailers, containers   and heavy-duty low bed trailers. AIRTA is well established name in Household packing, transportation, loading,   unloading, unpacking, escorting, insuring, and transportation of car-by-car carriers.

  On time delivery:
'Time is money' as is rightly said, is one of our mission statements. No product/Services can   compensate if its appropriate time has elapsed. A manufacturer looks for a transporter for services which is cost   effective and dependable at the same time. AIRTA ensures, by its vast experience and infrastructure that your   material reaches you every where in time not even on time but within the given time.

  We undertake and provide hassle free documentation job for all the inbound and outbound movement of cargo   from anywhere to anywhere in India. This includes the handling of Entry Tax and Octroi Tax formalities, if the   sales is not involved in the transaction. We also maintain Excise/Sales Tax registers at warehouses if necessary.

  We have a dedicated group of professional and experienced working staff and a fleet of well-maintained vehicles
  to provide smooth, reliable and timely service to our customers, which has been the most important factor for us   in becoming "Time Guranteed Delivery Transporters for All Over India "

  Our Assurance
  Our organization strives to deliver perfection in everything we perform. Our quality services match the   international standards, as we believe in maintaining long term business relationship with our customers. What   separates us from other movers and packers is the unique combination of category experience and personal   service. We meet all the standards of perfection while handling the goods, packing, moving and during the   transportation process at the most affordable rates from all destinations.

  Our fleet of vehicles includes:
  - Open Body Trucks.
  - Containerised Trucks.
  - Body Trucks.
  -  Trailers.
  -  Low Bed.
  - Apart from our own vehicles, we have sufficient number of attached ones which can meet any requirement of
    our client.


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